Man with a software taxi twice with 28 fare brush 2828 yuan (Figure)

Mr. Wang took out 300 yuan to Liu Chuanbo as a fares
The original title: drunk hand flick, the fare more "brush" 2800 yuan late last night, the public Mr. Wang and his family in the city Yang Yangzhai community near the hotel after dinner, take a taxi ride a taxi home. As a lot of wine during the banquet, Mr. Wang pay the phone accidentally even twice, "28", more than 2800 yuan to pay a fee we do not know. Delivery of the brother Liu Chuanbo found immediately after the phone call back, but Mr. Wang did not believe their mistakes, until the next day when the details of the query suddenly realized. At this point, Liu Chuanbo has been raised 2800 yuan, ready to return to face to face. Drink again and again "28" The day before yesterday evening, the public Mr. Wang and his family in the Yang Buzhai community near the hotel to eat, during which he drank a lot of wine. 10 o'clock in the evening, Mr. Wang through taxi software booking a taxi, carrying a family to the home of the excellent blue islands. "I drank a lot of wine, the head is also dizzy." Mr. Wang recalled, home fare is 28 yuan, he click on the software in the "payment" after entering the number "28", then the phone operation The system reaction a bit slow, he entered the "28", the phone shows the success of the payment, Mr. Wang did not see the details of the home to rest. Passengers do not believe more money to get home soon, Mr. Wang's cell phone suddenly sounded. Mr. Wang picked up after the phone is the brother Liu Chuanbo fight over. "You pay more money!" Liu Chuanbo told Mr. Wang, he did not see the balance at the beginning, and soon received a "2828 yuan to pay the success of" SMS. Liu Chuanbo think just Mr. Wang's fare is 28 yuan, may be drunk more than Mr. Wang paid more fare, he quickly called to remind Mr. Wang. However, Mr. Wang did not believe that they will have such a mistake, because he did not receive the bank charge SMS tips. "He said to me, waiting for him the next day to the bank to confirm and then said." Was late at night, Liu Chuanbo is not good to disturb the passengers rest, had to continue to operate. The brother of the day to return yesterday morning, the letter is doubtful Mr. Wang to the bank counter to check the bank card bill details and found that there is a sum of 2828 yuan, Mr. Wang then suddenly realized, and quickly contact with Liu Chuanbo. Liu Chuanbo told Mr. Wang do not worry, he has 2800 yuan to mention, and Mr. Wang made an appointment, to return the money face to face. When Wang saw Liu sent wave back to 2800 yuan, excited, holding Liu Chuanbo's hand constantly thanks. "I really do not know how to express my feelings, can meet such a good brother of good faith, is my luck." Mr. Wang said that although their own mistakes, but Liu Chuanbo not only did not complain, but also take the initiative to send the money back, His honest and trustworthy character deserves admiration. Afterwards, Mr. Wang took out 300 yuan to Liu Chuanbo as a fare, but Liu Chuanbo politely declined. "This money is to give you back, I can not." Liu Chuanbo said. (Reporter Liu Zhuoyi)

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