British striker David Johnson retreated to abandon the election prime minister

While Justice Minister Gough had previously expressed support for Johnson
NEW YORK (Reuters) - London City Mayor Boris Johnson, who was seen as a leader of the British "off Europe" camp, announced on June 30 that he would not join the Conservative Party Campaign, he became the possibility of the next British prime minister was cut off. Beyond the expectations of all, "off the European" sent Justice Minister Gough 30th first announced the election. Low-key "stay in Europe" to send the Interior Minister Theresa Mei later announced the election. "Britain or will usher in their own 'Merkel' mother 's" Daily Telegraph "30 days. In accordance with the provisions of the competition must be in the local time on the 30th before 11 o'clock announced the election. At first, almost all of the media believe that the competition will be launched between Theresa May and Johnson, the two competition was given a number of names, such as "off Europe, leaving the European camp dispute", "blonde heavy Bombs and high heels, "" Friends of the People and the Queen of Ice and Snow ", and even" Eaton School and Grammar School Competition. " "Guardian" 30, said it was two very ambitious politicians between the contest. While Justice Minister Gough had previously expressed support for Johnson. But the progress after the unexpected. BBC said Gough was suddenly announced to participate in the Conservative Party's first election on the 30th. "I have repeatedly said that I do not want to be prime minister. This has always been my point of view, but what happened on Thursday (referring to the British referendum decided to take off Europe) deep Deeply influenced me. "He said he had tried to support Johnson," but I have to conclude that Johnson can not lead or form a team to deal with future tasks. " Gough announced the election and criticism of Johnson, the British media that is off the euro camp camp split performance. BBC said, but Johnson's announcement was even more surprising. He later held a press conference that will not participate in the Conservative Party's first election, "the next Conservative Party leaders need to unite the party strength to ensure that the British can stand in the world's leading position, I consult colleagues about the situation of the Council, the conclusions reached Yes, I am not a suitable candidate. " Johnson said he hoped to support the next Conservative team as much as possible to ensure that the government fully responded to the voter's mandate. Theresa plum is about. The 30-day "The Times" published her signed article saying that her "outstanding leadership", which she has proven for many years, has made Britain a "country for every person rather than a privileged class." At Thursday's meeting, Teresa Mérid said that he was able to unite the Conservatives and the British leaders. CNN said, more importantly, although the plum supported the British to stay in the EU, but she said on the 30th, will not overthrow the previous referendum results. "Off Europe is off Europe, the duel has ended, the public got the ruling", "Britain will not stay in the EU, will not re-join, there will be no second referendum." She said that if the election, will be appointed to deal with follow-up to the EU officials. In addition, Energy Minister Lidson, Minister of Employment and Retirement Security Minister Krapp and former Defense Minister Fox 30 also announced the election for the Conservative Party. "Guardian" 30, said Johnson out of the Prime Minister campaign, followed by two members of the cabinet between the duel: Gough and plum. As off the European camp players, Gough seems to have an advantage. However, today's performance at the time of his speech made people feel that she is more like a competent prime minister, even if Gough seems to be more adept at making an exciting speech. Agence France-Presse said Teresa May is known for its tough image of immigrants, and her severe demeanor and serious suits suit compare her to Lady Margaret Thatcher, England's 80s of the 1980s. British New Zealand's third television host Newman on the 30th in the "Daily Telegraph" wrote that Teresa Mei is the British to deal with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. They both have a similar life experience, are senior political figures. More importantly, they are considered to stick to the national interest, has been unable to keep. The newspaper's 30-day online poll showed that more than 52% of netizens supported Theresa Mayor as the next British prime minister, while Gough's support was less than 30%. Reported that plum is a very quiet woman in British politics, but this does not mean that she is not interested in leadership. Throughout the referendum, she cleverly kept a low profile, and her refrained attitude avoided alienation from the Conservative Party. Compared to Gough, plum set herself a reminent image of the mother of the country - a bit like the British version of Merkel "Mom".

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