The southern baked more than the high temperature red warning early local temperature of 40 ℃

Shanghai on the same day the second high temperature red warning signal
Yesterday, Beijing Wudaokou, the public walk in the hot sun. Beijing News reporter Pu Feng photo Beijing News (Reporter Wang Shuo) Yesterday, the Central Meteorological Observatory to continue to release high-temperature orange warning. Experts predict that the Yangtze River and Jiangnan region will continue to the end of the hot weather, and in the north, the next three days in North China, northwest and Inner Mongolia, the eastern part of the high temperature weather will increase. Shanghai, four days, two high temperature red warning Since July 21, China's Jiangnan, South China and other places to develop and maintain high temperature, most of the southern region has been 7 consecutive days of high temperature weather. Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and other cities pulled high temperature red warning, in addition to Hefei, Changsha and other cities have also been updated this year to a new high temperature. Yesterday, most of the southern region is still surrounded by high temperatures. Shanghai Meteorological Department forecast shows that on the 27th, Shanghai Central City, Songjiang, Minhang maximum temperature of up to 40 ℃ or so, the day of Shanghai, the second high temperature red warning signal. Previously on July 23, the day Shanghai city temperature reached 40.0 ℃, Shanghai Central Meteorological Station released the first high temperature red warning signal. In addition, Wuhan, Chongqing have also pulled high temperature Red Alert 26, high temperature in Hubei Province intensified, in the continuous release of 4 days after the high temperature orange warning, Wuhan City Center Meteorological Observatory on the day of this year released the first high temperature red warning signal, the highest temperature in some areas over 41 ℃. With the same day, the Chongqing Meteorological Observatory also pulled the first high-temperature red warning signal this year, Chongqing City, the highest temperature of 26 districts and counties over 37 ℃, of which 8 districts and counties the maximum temperature is greater than or equal to 40 ℃, Wushan maximum temperature even reached 41.7 ℃ The It is understood that, as of yesterday, the highest temperature in Hangzhou continued to reach more than 38 ℃ days for nearly a week. Hot weather will continue until the end of July this large-scale high temperature weather is the reason for what? Central Meteorological Station chief forecaster Ma Xueqian said that due to the subtropical high northward lift, the power increased, the main rainfall belt moved northward, most of the south of Huanghuai to sunny rainy weather, during the day by the sun shortwave radiation, The ground temperature will gradually increase. At the same time, in the high pressure control area prevailing sinking air flow, forming a certain subsidence warming effect. In the radiation warming and subsidence under the combined effect of high temperature weather will appear. Ma Xueqian said the high temperature weather will continue until the end of July. Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and other places for a long time, but Huang Huai, South China and other parts of the period by the impact of precipitation or cloud, high temperature will be intermittent or fluctuations. It is expected that from 27 to 29 July, the impact of high temperature will be reduced by the tropical system and precipitation, and the maximum temperature will be reduced in the south and southwest of China.

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